Richland Township has one cemetery, Prairie Home Cemetery, on the north and south side of M89 in the Village.

Cemetery lots are available to Richland Township residents or property owners for $250 per burial site. Any one person or family may purchase the burial rights of up to eight graves.

If you are interested in purchasing graves, it would be a good idea to drive through the cemetery to get a feel for whether you want to be in the newer or older section. Then come into the Township Office to look at the map and check for availability in the area you want. There are several graves available in some of the older sections, especially if you are needing only one or two sites. The Township allows up to four cremation burials on a single plot, or a cremation burial in addition to a full burial.

Burial prices vary depending on the day and time and type of the service. Prices range from $220 for a cremation that is dropped off at our office and placed at the convenience of the sexton, to $770 for a full burial on a Saturday morning.

View the Cemetery Regulations for more information


If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.