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Resurface of M-89 in Richland Village

August 11-13 Night Work Starting at 8 PM

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Next week MDOT will be resurfacing M-89 from the traffic light( 32nd Street) downtown easterly to Heather Lane/Hatton Drive.  Initially this project was scheduled to be paved during the daytime  After discussing the traffic control with the Contractor, it is proposed to switch this project to all night work to minimize impacts to the community and complete the project in two days.  Tenatively we are planning on working Tuesday and Wednesday (8/11-13) each night starting at 8pm and finishing in the early morning hours.  No work will occur during the day.  The entire project will be complete by Thursday morning (assuming there is no rain out).  There may be some  citizens unhappy with the noise generated from the construction.  However the benefits to completing this work at night outweigh the inconvenience.

Tree and Woody Vegetation Control will be conducted in August and September

Road Commission of Kalamazoo County

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The Road Commission of Kalamazoo County (RCKC) annual summer tree and woody vegetation control, will be conducted in August and September 2020. The program is designed to contain roadside woody vegetation and overhanging tree branches that could obstruct motorists’ vision, create drainage obstacles or cause snow and icing problems if left unchecked.

Applications for absentee ballots

August 4, 2020 and November 3, 2020 Elections

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Answers to all your questions concerning the August primary and November general election.


  •  Why did I receive an application for an absentee ballot?

Under the direction of Secretary of State Benson, applications for absentee ballots for the August Election were mailed to all voters in the State of Michigan. This has left many voters confused over the process.

Many Michigan residents are not yet comfortable in social settings. Offering applications to every voter; offers them the opportunity to request an absentee ballot for the election and not feel their right to vote has been compromised.


  •     I do not want to vote absentee! What do I do? Does this mean I have to?

No!  Voters who wish to vote in person may still do so. It is unknown at this time if all precincts will be open but; we will have at least one precinct available for those who wish to vote in person on election day. We are currently working with normal precinct hosts on availability of their facilities and started to recruit workers. In the interim, we have acquired sneeze shields and personal protective equipment for our workers. If you can vote by mail, we highly recommend you do so, as we cannot guarantee how many precincts and workers will be available on election day.

  •  Why did I receive an application for my son / daughter who no longer resides here?

Even though they may not have lived here for years; a formal cancellation of their voter registration was never received. The State database still shows them as registered voters in Michigan. Please have your child advise the Clerk’s office in writing their wish to cancel their voter registration at the address we have on file. Written requests may be received via email to; fax 269-629-5993 or delivered to 7401 N 32nd St., Richland, MI 49083,


  •  You mailed an application to my address for an owner who hasn’t lived here in several years. You mailed an application to my deceased family member.