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Recommendations to prevent fraud from your mailbox

Recommendations to help prevent fraud

Recommendations to prevent fraud:

  •  Place outgoing mail in a mailbox at the post office or pay online.  Do not place in your mailbox and raise the flage.  The flag is a known symbol saying there may be something worth stealing inside.
  • Check your bank account regularly to make sure checks were cashed and for the correct amount.
  • Arrange for package delivery pickup from the carrier or have someone watch the house to pick it up as soon as possible.
  • Report any suspicious vehicles going up to mailboxes immediately, DON'T WAIT!  Call the local police immediately!  
    If possible obtain a vehicle description, color and license plate.  Do not follow or attempt to intervene as these suspects are known to carry weapons.

Any questions, or to obtain additional information contact the Kalamazoo County Sheriff Department they may be reached at 269-383-8821.

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