Welcome to the Fire Department


Fire Chief Gerald Luedecking
Richland Fire Station
7401 N. 32nd Street                                    

Township Office (269) 629-4921
Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm

services/permits-forms/burn-permit   Please confirm you are in Kalamazoo County 

Before submitting your burning permit, check weather conditions; keep fires small; keep a hose close; and never leave unattended.  Weather conditions are drier than they appear and can quickly grow out of control.

Firefighter's Association Address Signs

Can first responders find you?


Scam Alert!   Scammers are calling and requesting funds on behalf of  your local fire department association!  Don't fall victim!  Richland Firefighters Association will never call and request funds.   All fundraising is done through the annual flower sale and pancake breakfast.    If you have any questions you may contact the township office at 269-629-4921.
Stay safe!  Stay informed!
To Honorably serve the Residents of Richland Township by delivering service, with respect, responsibility, and pride.

The picture above is the Fire Tanker purchased in 2017.

For non-emergency questions and information the Fire Department can be contacted via the phone at 269-629-4921 or via an email at Contact Us.